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Every page has technicalities, copyrights, awards and all that other miscellaneous stuff, please read here before plundering deeper into the Filly Catwalk!

Special Thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to Marie for her help with pictures and for all the information we've gathered over the years. She's been the best partner in collecting anyone could ask for and I couldn't have possibly done any of this without her.

I would also like to give thanks to Firefrie for the BEAUTIFUL drawing she did of the fillies on commision and I used as the logos for each of the sections

I'd also like to thank my brother for his encouragement in finishing this project and for putting up with fillies all over the house being cleaned and photographed for months! And I'd like to thank him for hosting this site on his server

Viewing the Catwalk

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The Filly Catwalk and all its original content is copyrighted. That means DO NOT steal any pictures or information in direct context! We work VERY hard gathering all this information and taking the perfect pictures. There are hours and hours of work here, please be kind, it's for your benefit and our pride.

The Filly Catwalk is NOT an official site run by Kenner. It is in no way affiliated with Kenner and is run by hardcore fans. We love the fillies and are still learning about them.

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