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Fun Fashions

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Teen Fashions

Teen Fashions

"Justine. Her beauty and grace is unrivaled when she is in her tutu, crown and ballet slippers. Crowds applaud as they see her in the Starlight Ballet outfit, dancing and twirling with her swan." - Trading Card

StarLight Ballet Outfit includes:
  • Pink Satin and Mesh Leotard/Tutu
  • Gold and Pink Crown
  • Two Pink and Silver Pointe Shoes
  • White Swan Pet
  • Trading Card

Teen Fashions

"The crowd is spellbound as Sarena cheers in the Star Cheerleader uniform with her dog. The sweater, pompoms and headbow make her the prettiest and most popular cheerleader at FashionStar High school."- Trading Card

Star Cheerleader Outfit includes:

  • White and Yellow Dress
  • Yellow Headband
  • Two Yellow and Orange Pom Poms
  • Black Dog Pet
  • Trading Card

Teen Fashions

"Janel and her parrot jam to tunes in style with the RockStar Sizzle outfit. The trend-setting dress, necklace and headbow show the world that Rock 'n Roll is here to stay." - Trading Card

RockStar Sizzle Outfit includes:

  • Blue Pink and Orange Dress
  • Blue Lace Hair Tie
  • Pink Blue and Yellow Stars and Heart Necklace
  • Pink Bird Pet
  • Trading Card

Teen Fashions

"Ariel is the envy of the dance in her PromStar Fun gown and her gloves. With the bow in her hair and her cat at her side, Ariel loves to strut her stuff in style." - Trading Card

PromStar Fun Outfit includes:

  • Purple Polka Dotted Dress
  • Purple Polka Dotted Hair Bow
  • Two White Leggings
  • White Cat Pet
  • Trading Card

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