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Identification Marks

Gold Star

The gold star is the main identification feature of all the fillies. Every filly with the exception of the three Royal Beauties were manufactered with a gold star on their cheek. Cliff, however, has the gold star on his shoulder. This was to give him a more masculine feature.

Dates and Manufacturing Marks

All of the fillies are dated 1987, 1988, or 1989. All horses in the original 4 poses are dated 1987 on the inside of their back leg. All the teens are dated 1988 on the inside of their back leg. The new poses introduced in the Feelin' Fancy Line and Cliff are dated 1989 on the inside of their front leg. The original poses are marked "KPT" and all other poses are marked "Kenner." All adult models are marked "Made in China" and all teen models are marked "China."

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