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Threading Niki's tail through her tail wrap can be tricky and difficult. Thread a peice of dental floss through it first so that it has a loop and the top end of the wrap and the floss ends hang out the other end. Thread her tail through the floss and pull it though the wrap! Simple, clean and easy, just like threading a needle with a really long eye! This can also be used for threading Chloe's tail wrap, or some of the tail bows with small elastics.

Store accessories with elastic off of the horse. If they are stretched while being stored or displayed the elastic will weaken and no longer stretch over time, thereby decreasing the value.

FashionStar Fillies clothing can be laundered just like human clothing. If you use a washing machine, tie them up in an old pair of panty hose, or just wash them by hand. Beware of soaking or using Oxy Clean. I have accidentally removed the pink dye from a StarBurst Sunsuit :-P

In the event of removing dye accidentally from a silk peice of clothing. Highlighter works really well in re-coloring the item. Strange but it works like a perfect match.


Ariel, Shara, Tamara, and Tonya all have very tightly curled hair. It is not unusual for it to lose it's curl or become a huge frizzy mess. This tutorial will help you re-create those beautiful curls and boost the value of your filly.

This Shara has just been washed, conditioned, and de-frizzed. Often the fillies with curly hair have severe frizz. See the Frizz tutorial of this section to learn how to minimize and elimate frizz. You will need several straws and bobby pins to curl the hair. I like to keep some of the straws whole, but cutting them in half works best most of the time. Take a small section of the hair and place the straw at the base of the hair. Carefully wrap the h air around the straw overlapping a bit as you go. Wrap the hair all the way to the tips and secure with as many bobby pins as neccisary to keep the tips down. Also use a bobby pin or two to secure the straw at the top of the mane so it doesn't unroll. Repeat until all the hair has been rolled.

Let the filly dry at least 24 hours. The longer you wait before removing the curlers, the better and longer the curl will hold once you remove the straws and fluff the curls.

After the alloted amount of time, carefully remove all of the bobby pins. Grasp a curl with your whole hand to keep it from shifting as you pull the straw out from the center of the curl. You should now have very beautiful tight curls. Some people like the hair just like this. However, to get the original curly look, carefully separate the ringlet curls. If you partially unroll them you will see some natural breaks in the hair, use those as a guide to pull apart the curls. When you finish, she should look almost brand new!

I really reccomend wrapping the hair up in saran wrap for a few more days to really keep the new curls intact. You should be able to display her now without the curls falling. Over time, you may have to re-curl her hair. Although I have never tried it, I have heard of others useing small amounts of hair spray or gel to hold the curls better.


Frizz is a horrible, nasty plague begotten by most toys with synthetic hair. It is most often caused by lots of play and very little brushing. It can also be caused by heat, but in those circumstances, the hair may be too damaged to revive. Here are a few little tips to help you rid your filly of frizz.

METHOD 1: Wash and Shampoo the hair thouroghly with shampoo and conditioner. Next turn on a curling or straightening iron on high and run the hair in small portions though the clamp on the iron pretty slowly until you reach the tips. Run through the tips a few times to smooth them out. Repeat as needed and coninue wih all the hair. Focus mainly on the frizzy parts of the hair. Be sure to keep the hair at least damp, otherwise you don't make any progress. Comb their hair between each run if your iron doesn't have a built in comb. After doing all the hair in little sections, make a few runs through the hair with bigger sections or all of the hair. The hair should now be de frizzed. It is really difficult to make *really* frizzy hair look like new again, but you can do this method several times, conditioning between times to achive the best results. Patience is a virtue, take your time.

METHOD 2: Wash the hair and condition heavily, leave the conditioner in and put the horse in a ziplock bag and seal removing as much air as possible. Leave the horse in the bag for 1-2 weeks. At the end of the weeks take the horse out and wash out the conditioner. The frizz should be gone or near gone. I have no personal expereince with this method so I do not know if it works, but I have heard it may remove the paint

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