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Cleaning and Maintenance

General Cleaning Tips

To clean a FashionStar Filly, you must be gentle because of their hard plastic bodies and their easily scratched paint. Be sure to work in a sink large enough to fit the horse under the faucet and turn her as needed without bumping into things.

HAIR: The hair can be cleaned with shampoo and conditioner. It is best to comb through the mane and tail before washing to make washing easier. Also comb through the mane and tail while the conditioner is in it and then let it sit for a few minutes to really silkify the hair.

BODY: The body can be cleaned with soap or toothpaste. Use a rag or an old toothbrush to gently cleanse the surface. Mild soap works well. Try to avoid using strong cleaning solutions since the paint is very vulnerable to being removed. I do not recommend Oxy Clean!

STUBBORN MARKS: Some marks will be more stubborn and you have to use nail polish remover to get them off. Warning!! Nail polish remover will remove the paint too if you're not careful!! The safe way to remove marks with nail polish remover is to put some on a napkin and place over the mark and hold for a few seconds then gently wipe just enough to remove the mark. If it requires more rubbing to remove the mark it's better to just leave it than remove paint.

SCRATCHES: Most unfortunately there is no cure for paint and body scratches unless your a very talented artist and can re-paint scuffed areas. Scratches unless deep or wide, really don't affect the value of your filly very much.

Broken Appendages

If you happen to come across a filly with a broken leg or have one with a broken leg or other body part. It can be fixed but will never be the same of course. Super glue is the simplest solution. Use enough but not too much and set the piece then allow to dry for several hours before handling again.

Sarah has provided an alternative method to repairing broken appendages...
"First, you drill a hole on both the top part of the broken leg and the bottom. Make sure that both holes match up. Then, insert a metal pin (I take the head off of a small nail for this) and put the pin in the holes and push the leg together. Add a bit of super glue for extra hold.

As you can see, this method is a bit complicated...but it works really well. It adds extra stability to the leg so that it won't break again. I used this method on Janel...and her leg has never broken again, even after days of play. I also use this "pin" method on my Breyers, and it works well for them too. "


If your Fillies are displayed on a shelf, it is a good idea to bring them down every 2-3 months and dust them. If they are left too long without a dusting they will have to be re-washed. Save yourself the hassle and just take a few minutes to dust them now and again. If they are played with often, just comb out the hair once in a while to avoid frizz from forming.


FashionStar Fillies store very well. If you choose not to display them, I have found putting them in gallon size ziplock bags works really well. To preserve their hair, wrap it in clear plastic wrap to hold curl and to avoid it from getting nappy. Remove as much air as possible from the bags and seal. Be sure to store them in a cool dry place.

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