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Teen StarSpangles

"Ariel is a FashionStar Fillies horse that has a passion for pink. Like all stylish beauties, her necklace, barrettes and tail piece must all match in color. Even her glitter hair gel is pink!" - Trading Card

Ariel's accessory set includes:
  • Pink Beaded Necklace
  • Two Pink Bar Barettes
  • One Pink Bar Barette with Ribbon
  • Tube of Pink Glitter Gel *
  • Trading Card
*Note: Picture shows White Body Sparkles

Teen StarSpangles

"Fallon is a debutante with flair in her purple barrettes and purple star necklace. Her flower garter and sparkling purple hair gel will make her the glamour girl at the ball." - Trading Card

Fallon's accessory set includes:
  • Two Purple Flower Barettes
  • Purple and Yellow Flowered Garter
  • Purple and White Star Necklace
  • Tube of Magenta Glitter Gel
  • Trading Card Featuring Fallon
Note that Fallon's Accessory Set is the same as Niki's.

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