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FF StarSpangles

Teen StarSpangles

Deluxe StarSpangles


"Dara is breathtaking wearing StarSpangles accessories that shimmer and shine. Softly glowing barrettes, a shimmery tail bow, and delecate flowers around her lovely face are highlighted by brilliant FashionStar Fillies body sparkles. Dara always knows how to get extra special looks." - Trading Card

Dara's accessory set includes:

  • Two Pink Bow Barrettes
  • Yellow and Pink Flowered Headband
  • White Iridescent Tailbow
  • Tube of White Body Sparkles
  • Trading Card


Niki's accessory set includes:
  • Two Purple Flower Barrettes
  • Purple and Yellow Flowered Tail Scrunchy
  • Purple and White Star Necklace
  • Tube of Magenta Glitter Gel
  • Trading Card


"Joelle is ready for a romantic evening wearing softly glowing hearts in her hair and on her necklace. The fluffy bow in her hair shows off the new hairstyle she created with the pink FashionStar Fillies hair mousse. What stallion could resist this glamorous New York filly?" - Trading Card

Joelle's accessory set includes:

  • Two Pink Heart Barrettes
  • Pink Satin Tail Bow
  • Pink and Blue Heart Necklace
  • Tube of Pink Hair Mousse
  • Trading Card


Lani's accessory set includes:
  • Green Mane Bow with Yellow and Pink Ribbons
  • Green Pink and Yellow Tail Braid
  • Green Spring Necklace
  • Bottle of Gold Glitter Nail Polish
  • Trading Card


"Chloe looks graceful and elegant wearing StarSpangles accessories. The glittering necklace, gleaming tailbow and sparkling hairbow, along with a touch of FashionStar Fillies perfume, make this princess the envy of the whole fashion world." - Trading Card

Chloe's accessory set includes:

  • White Mesh and Gold Headbow
  • Gold Tail Bow
  • Gold and White Beaded Necklace
  • Bottle of Perfume
  • Trading Card


"Calla shows just how much she loves to sun herself with flashy sunburst barrettes and a sunburst painted on with bronze body paint. The brilliantly colored necklace and cool sunglasses finish off her sunshine look so she's ready to head for the beach or take a walk in the sun." - Trading Card

Calla's accessory set includes:

  • Multicolor Headband
  • Pink Blue and Yellow Diamond Necklace
  • Blue and Orange Sunglasses
  • Bottle of Bronze Body Paint
  • Trading Card

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