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FF StarSpangles

Teen StarSpangles

Delux StarSpangles

"Create new hair styles and new body designs for your filly with StarSpangles body paints, body sparkles, hair gels and accessories. Collect all six to make your filly the envy of the fashion world." - Phamplet

FF StarSpangles

"Darci is the valley girl with style. When she goes out, everyone notices her in her sunburst barrettes and her flashy reversible sunglasses. Her beaded necklace, striped tail piece, and bronze body paint make her the trendiest filly around." - Trading Card

Darci's accessory set includes:

  • Multi Color Headband
  • Pink, Blue, and Yellow Diamond Necklace
  • Blue and Orange Sunglasses
  • Bottle of Bronze Body Paint
  • Trading Card Featuring Darci

Note that Darci's Accessory Set is the same as Calla's.

FF StarSpangles

"Devan is a true princess, wearing her heirloom necklace and earrings to the royal FashionStar Fillies ball. She looks so regal with her black tail bow and her gold body paint. What prince could resist her?" - Trading Card

Devan's accessory set includes:

  • Gold Butterfly Necklace
  • Two Gold Butterfly Earrings
  • Black, Gold, and Mesh Tailbow
  • Bottle of Gold Body Paint
  • Trading Card

FF StarSpangles

"Jasmine is out to impress her starlet friends with her glimmering body sparkles and her shimmery tail bow. The soft floral head piece and the classic looking bow barrettes give her the look that other fillies only dream about." - Trading Card

Jasmine's accessory set includes:
  • Two Pink Bow Barettes
  • Yellow and Pink Flowered Headband
  • White Irridecent Tail Bow
  • Tube of White Body Sparkles
  • Trading Card Featuring Jasmine
Note that Jasmine's Accessory Set is the same as Dara's.

FF StarSpangles

Tamara's accessory set includes:
  • White Bow and Beads Necklace
  • Two White Bow Barettes
  • White Mesh Tail Bow
  • Sheet of Stickers
  • Trading Card

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